Is 55-inch TV Big Enough




Is 55-inch TV Big Enough


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A lot of people get confused about TV size, as the TVs come in a variety of different sizes including 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch, making it quite pressing to choose the right TV size.

One of the most popular TV sizes out there is 55-inch. If you are planning to get a 55-inch TV and wondering whether it is a good size for a TV or not, then this guide is for you.

That being said, let’s jump right into the details, and check out the matter.

Is a 55-inch TV Big Enough?

Yes, a 55-inch TV is big enough for almost everything. You can comfortably place the 55-inch TV in the bedroom, living rooms, and a variety of other places without affecting the picture quality or performance.

55-inch is a pretty standard size for the bedrooms and unless you have an enormous-sized bedroom, a 55-inch TV is good for your needs.

Also, you need to check out the watching distance from the TV, as well as the viewing angles.

Is a 55-inch TV Big Enough for a Bedroom?

For the majority of the bedrooms 55-inch is big enough, and unless you have a super-small bedroom, getting a 55-inch TV is an ideal choice.

If you are planning to get a new TV for your bedroom, and you do not have a super-small or enormous-sized room, we would highly endorse you get a 55-inch TV.

For smaller-sized rooms, you need to get a 43-inches or 50-inch TV, and if the room is really big, you can also get a TV of 65-inches size.

Is a 55-inch TV Big Enough for Living Room?

Yes, a 55-inch inch TV is big enough for a living room, however, you also need to take into count the room size as well as the viewing distance, as if the distance between the TV, and you is high, then you need to get a bigger sized TV like a 65-inch TV, 75-inch TV, and in some extreme cases, an 85-inch TV.

Is a 55-inch TV Big Enough for Gaming?

Yes, a 55-inch is big enough for gaming, and you can use a 55-inch TV for playing racing games, FPS games, and much more.

Anything higher than the 55-inch TV is not recommended for playing video games as the size becomes too large, which adversely affects the gaming experience on the TV.

Although, a 55-inch size is perfect for most cases, still, if the room size is too small, you may need to get a smaller size TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should Be the Ideal Distance for Watching 55-inch TV?

Ideally, you should be sitting at 4 feet away from a 55-inch TV in case you are watching 4K content on the TV. Although you can sit a little bit closer or away from the TV, still, the ideal distance to sit is 4 feet.

Is 4K Worth it for a 55-inch TV?

Yes, 4K is worth it for a 55-inch TV. In fact, you need to assure that the TV you are planning to get comes with 4K, otherwise, you need to compromise on the picture quality.

What Size Room is Good for a 55-inch TV?

You can comfortably watch a 55-inch TV in a 15×15 room, which means you can enjoy the content on a 55-inch tv in all size bedrooms, and in smaller-sized living rooms.

How Wide is a 55-inch TV?

A 55-inch TV is 47.9 inches wide, and you need to have a similar-sized table to place the 55-inch TV on it, anything short than this won’t work at all. One thing you need to note here is that this is a general size, and the actual TV size varies from brand to brand.

How Tall is a 55-inch TV?

On average, a 55-inch TV is 27 inches tall, and it does not include bezels, as the bezels on the TV vary from TV to TV, and model to model.


One of the most commonly asked questions regarding 55-inch TVs is whether they 55-inch TVs are big enough or not.

In order to answer the questions, we have provided you with this complete blog post, in which we have answered all of your questions about whether the 55-inch TV is big enough for your needs and whether you should get it or not.

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