How to Transport a 75-inch TV




How to Transport a 75-inch TV


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One of the most challenging things that come with the 75-inch TVs (or any big TV) is transportation.

Transporting the 75-inch TV can be really challenging, and without a good guide, you can make the matter even worse.

Thus, we have compiled this complete step-by-step guide, providing you with the procedure required for transporting a large TV.

Steps for Transporting a 75-Inch TV

Below, We Have Mentioned All the Steps for Transporting a 75-inch TV:

Step.1: Remove All the Cables from the TV

Before you start packing the TV and transporting it, you need to switch off the TV and remove all the cables including the connectivity cables, and the power cable from the TV. After removing the cables, you need to put them into a parcel, allowing you to safely take them with you.

Step.2: Put the TV in a Box

Now, you need to put bubble wrap or foam padding around the TV. Make sure the padding around the TV screen is firm-enough as if there is not enough padding on the front side of the TV, it can damage the screen.

When you are done packing the TV using bubble wrap, you need to put the TV in a box. Ideally, you should be putting the TV in the packaging box which came with the TV.

Nonetheless, if you do not have the original packaging box, then you can also use alternative boxes for packing the TV.

Step.3: Put the TV in a Vehicle

Now, coming to the main point, which is the transportation of the TV. You need to put the TV in your mode of transportation, and in order to do so, you have to carry the TV to the vehicle.

We do recommend using an appliance dolly for carrying the TV from the home to the vehicle. In this way, you do not need extensive manpower, and you can easily transport it.

Using an appliance dolly becomes even more important when you are moving the TV in an apartment.

After you have brought the TV to the vehicle, it’s now time to put the TV into the vehicle. If you are loading the TV into the truck, you have to load it into the bed and in case you are loading it into a minivan or van, you have to load it inside.

Step.4: Fully Secure the Box By Adding Cushioning

When you are done loading the TV into the vehicle, it’s now time to fully secure the TV box into the vehicle, and doing so is super-important as if the box is loose fit, it can damage the screen. You can snug-fit the TV box by either using a blanket, or you can also use other cushioning materials.

Step.5: Transport the TV to the Destination

In the fifth step, you need to safely transport your TV in the vehicle to the desired destination. While you are transporting the TV you need to make sure you are not driving the vehicle too hard, as it can potentially damage the TV.

Step.6: Safely Off-Load TV

When you are at your destination, you need to offload the TV from the vehicle, and you have to do it delicately as it is super-important not to scratch the TV sides when taking it out of the vehicle.

Use the appliance dolly, as you have previously used to bring the TV to the vehicle, and get it to the mounting area.

Step.7: Open the Box and Assemble It

In the last step, you need to open the box of the TV, remove all the protective packaging that you have done on the TV, mount the 75-inch TV on the wall, attach all the cables, and you are good to go.

How to Transport a TV Without a Box?

Well, you can transport a TV without the box the same way as you would otherwise transport without the box, but transporting the TV without a box is very risky, as you can damage the TV while transporting it.

If you still want to transport the TV without the box, you can do it by following the above-given step-by-step guide. By following the above-given guide, you can easily transport the TV with or without using the box.

But, one thing that you need to care about here is that you need to be extra careful while carrying a TV without the box.

Will a 75-inch TV Fit in My RAV4?

No, you cannot fit a 75-inch TV in a RAV4, and you should not try putting a TV bigger than 70 inches on a RAV4.

Will a 75-inch TV fit in my SUV?

Whether a 75-inch TV would fit inside your SUV depends upon the SUV that you have. You need to measure the dimensions of your 75-inch TV, and then measure these dimensions with the backdoor of the TV, and see whether there is room to put the TV inside the SUV or not. Most SUVs don’t have room for a 75-inch TV, and you have to use a mini-jeep instead.

Will a 75-inch TV Fit in a Honda Civic?

No, a 75-inch TV won’t fit a Honda Civic, and you do not have to try fitting a big-sized TV like a 75-inch into a Honda Civic.

Will a 75-inch TV Fit in a Toyota Highlander?

Yes, by folding the back seats, you can fit a 75-inch TV in a Toyota Highlander. In that sense, Toyota Highlander is a good vehicle to carry your stuff in it.

Will a 75-inch TV Fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes, a 75-inch TV would fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, as it has an enormous cargo area, and you won’t have any problem fitting a 75-inch TV in it.

Will a 75-inch TV Fit in a Honda Pilot?

No, a 75-inch TV won’t fit a Honda Pilot, as the size of the 75-inch TV is bigger than the car cargo area.

Will a 75-inch TV Fit in a Mini-man?

Yes, a 75-inch TV would fit comfortably in a mini-van, and mini-vans are often preferred for transporting big TVs as they are weatherproof, and you can safely transport the TV without worrying about the weather conditions.

Will a 75-inch TV Fit in a Ford Explorer?

No, a 75-inch TV won’t fit a ford explorer, and you should not try to fit a 75-inch TV into a Ford Explorer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Safety Precautions Should I Have in My Mind While Transporting a 75-inch TV?

Well, there are plenty of safety precautions that you need to follow while transporting a TV. One of the most important precautions that you need to have in your mind is that there is no sharp object nearby. Also, you need to have adequate padding on the front side of the screen.

What Kind of Vehicle is Recommended for Carrying a 75-inch TV?

We do recommend using a mini-van, van, or truck for transporting a 75-inch TV as a 75-inch TV won’t fit any of the sedans, and most of the SUVs. Out of the truck, and vans, we highly endorse transporting a TV in a van as it is weatherproof.

Is a Truck or Mini-Van Better for Transporting a TV?

Although you can transport a TV both in a mini-van or truck, it is recommended to transport the TV in the mini-van as it is weatherproof, and some level of cushioning is also available there.


Transporting a big TV like 75-inch the right way is super-important as if you do not transport it the proper way, you can potentially damage the TV screen.

Thus, we have compiled this complete step-by-step guide in which we have provided you with the complete procedure required for transporting a big TV.

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