Best TV for CCTV Cameras Monitoring



Best TV for CCTV Cameras Monitoring

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In case you want a bigger screen for your security cameras, it’s always a safe bet to get a TV instead of a monitor.

However, choosing the right TV for the CC TV cameras can be a very tricky activity.

Thus, after testing 63 different TVs available in the market, I have put along a complete list of the 5 best TVs for CCTV cameras in 2023 that you can get.

List of the Best TVs for Security Cameras in 2023

TVSize AvailablePanel TypeResolutionRefresh Rate
SAMSUNG 8300-Series 4K Smart TV  65″/55″LED4K60Hz
SONY X80K Series Smart TV43″/50″/55″/65″/75″/85″LED4K60Hz
VIZIO M-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV50″/55″/58″/65″/70″/75″QLED4K60Hz
TCL 4-Series UHD Smart TV43”/55″/65″/75”/85”LED4K60Hz
LG Nano75 Series Smart TV86″,75″,65″,55″,50″,43″LED4K60Hz

SAMSUNG TU-8300 Series 4K Smart TV

SAMSUNG 65-inch tv for CCTV Cameras


Panel TypeLED
Screen Sizes65″/55″
Refresh Rate60hz
Input TypeHDMI,
PlatformTizen OS

Our top pick for the best TV for CCTV security camera usage is the Samsung 8300-series 4K TV, which provides superior all-around performance in design, performance, and budget, making it the right contender for your CCTV.

Firstly, discussing the design, this TV comes with unique curvature which allows you to put it in the contours of your room. The screen-to-body ratio on the TV is also just phenomenal, which allows you to watch your CCTV camera content without any bezels as a hindrance.

This TV comes with a very handy stand, which allows you to place the TV anywhere you like. Moreover, it has a mounting stand for mounting the TV on the wall, allowing you to have a look around without taking up any space.

Talking about the display, it comes with an LED panel, which means there are no issues with screen burnout on this TV. Plus, it has 4K resolution content, supported by HDR for clear viewing.

The display on this TV is powered by the Crystal Processor 4K with upscaling technologies, providing you with a superior-quality display.

It comes with a 60hz refresh rate, which means there would be no lagging or screen delay during video playback, which is quite an amazing feature to have.

Also, it comes loaded with a variety of different features including smart voice assistants that allow you to enjoy hands-free operation. There are three different voice assistants onboard that allow you to choose the right voice assistant according to your needs.


• Curved Design
• Narrow Bezels
• 4K Resolution
• LED Panel
• 60Hz Refresh Rate
• Decent Connectivity Options
• Not the Best Remote

SONY X80K Series Smart TV

Sony 75 Inch 4K tv for CCTV cameras


Panel TypeLED
Screen Sizes43″/50″/55″/65″/75″/85″
Refresh Rate60hz
Input TypeHDMI,

If you are not satisfied with the Samsung TU-8300 series TV, then the SONY X80K series smart TV is the best possible option for your needs.

This TV has everything that you would be needing for a TV for CCTV camera monitoring. The design, display, and advanced features available on this CCTV make it a lucrative choice for people seeking a quality TV for security cameras.

The design of the SONY X80K series smart TV is futuristic, and provides you with very thin bezels, making you see the screen on this smart TV more clearly without any hindrance.

Most importantly, the display on this TV is just amazing. It can provide you with 4K resolution content@60hz, making you watch all the activities in the best possible resolution without any tearing or lag.

Moreover, the colors on the SINY X80K series smart TV are vibrant, sharp, and have excellent contrast.

The picture on this TV is powered by the powerful X1 HDR processor that is able to provide you with superior picture quality according to the type of content that you are trying to watch.

On top of excellent design, and superior display, this TV comes with technologically advanced features like the voice assistant that allows you to control the TV through your voice which is an absolutely amazing feature to have.

One of the most amazing features that are available on this TV is the Google TV integration. It comes with Google TV integration that allows you to enjoy your favorite content as well as download your favorite apps directly from the Google Playstore.

Moreover, this TV comes with numerous customization options, which makes it one of the most lucrative picks in the market right now.


• Futuristic Design
• Vibrant Colors
• Powerful Processor
• Built-in Voice Assistant
• Google TV Integration
• Too Bright At Night


VIZIO 70-Inch tv for CCTV Cameras


Panel TypeLED
Screen Sizes50″/55″/58″/65″/70″/75″
Refresh Rate60hz
Input TypeHDMI

Third on our list is the VIZIO M-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV that comes with a very attractive design, excellent screen, and wide array of advanced features making it a great pick for seeking a quality TV for CCTV monitoring without breaking the bank.

The design of this TV is just flawless. It is super-thin for an easy fit in congested places, and comes with very narrow bezels, allowing you to watch the security camera without any hindrance.

The best part about this TV is its amazing screen. This TV comes with a QLED 4K UHD panel, providing you with over 8 million colors on the screen.

That means this TV would match the quality of the camera resolution or even better it would have a more amazing picture on the screen.

It comes with a Full Array of Local Dimming with 30 local dimming zones. Hence, the brightness on this TV can be adjusted separately on the screen.

Moreover, it has 700 nits peak-brightness that helps you to monitor the surroundings even in the brightest of the rooms, which is an absolutely amazing feature to have on a monitoring TV.

Likewise, it has a 60hz refresh rate that is powered by the AMD FreeSync. So, there won’t be any lag or delay in the performance of the TV.

The IQ Active Processor powers up this TV and ensures the video content on the screen is fluent without any issues.

• Thin Bezels
• 8 Million Pixels
• Local Dimming
• AMD FreeSync
• IQ Active Processor
• OS Needs Improvement

TCL 4-Series 4K UHD Smart TV

TCL 50 inch tv for CCTV Cameras


Panel TypeLED
Screen Sizes43”/55″/65″/75”/85”
Refresh Rate60hz
Input TypeHDMI

The TCL 4-series is an excellent pick for people seeking a quality CCTV monitor TV under a tight budget.

The TCL 4-series is a time-tested TV that has been here for a while now, and this TV model is loved by people due to its performance, and reliability.

The most impressive thing about this TV is its design, this TV has an exceptional design as it has very narrow bezels, and a non-reflective screen, that allows you to enjoy the content on the screen without any hindrance.

Moreover, it comes with a high-quality stand, as well as a mounting system, allowing you to place the TV as per your needs.

The display on this TV is just amazing, it has vibrant colors with excellent contrast and brightness for an unparalleled display.

Plus, there is the 4K UHD resolution supported by the 60hz resolution for tear-free performance. Hence, you can watch and monitor the CCTV effortlessly.

Another cool thing about this TCL TV is that it has Alexa integration. Alexa integration on this TV means you can control the TV using your voice, which is a truly amazing feature to have.

Lastly, it comes with the ROKU TV, and the content streaming choices on this platform are countless. Additionally, it also has a voice remote, and numerous customization options making it a lucrative pick for your needs.


• Budget Friendly
• Time Tested
• Excellent Design
• Superior Quality Screen
• ROKU TV Integration
• Sound Needs Improvement

LG NANO75 Series Smart TV

LG NANO75 Series 43-Inch Class Smart TV for CCTV Cameras


Panel TypeLED
Screen Sizes86″,75″,65″,55″,50″,43″
Refresh Rate60hz
Input TypeHDMI

Our final pick for the CCTV camera monitoring TV is the LG Nano75 which comes with a premium build, a fantastic screen, and a wide array of features making it a reliable pick.

The screen on this TV is just flawless, it comes with billion of different color shades for better color reproduction. Additionally, it has superior contrast, making it a reliable fit for night viewing.

It supports up to 4K resolution content you can view the content on the TV in the highest possible content.

Plus, there is a 60hz refresh rate, so there is no lag or delay in the performance, allowing you to enjoy the content without any lag or delay.

The LG’s α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K on the TV automatically transitions the sharpness, color, and contrast according to the type of content.

Google Assistant and Alexa are also standard on the TV, which allows you to change the content using your voice.


• Superior Resolution
• Narrow Bezels
• Sharp Colors
• 60Hz Refresh Rate
• LG’s α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K
• A Little Pricey

How to Choose the Right TV for the Security Cameras (Buying Guide)LG NANO75 Series

Having a complete step-by-step buying guide allows you to make an easier purchase decision. Below, we have compiled everything that you need to look for before purchasing a TV for your next security system.


The very first thing is the budget. You need to have a clear budget in your mind before you began the search for your next TV for security cameras. Having a clear budget in mind allows you to make a more mindful decision. Also, you do not have to leave a TV after making up your mind as your budget does not permit you.


The size matters, especially when you are out for a TV. TVs do come in different sizes ranging from 32 inches to 85 inches. For normal usage 32-65-inches TVs are good, and the size of the TV depends upon the budget and the dimension of the place in which you are planning to place the television.

Panel Type

Another important thing that you need to have in your mind before making the decision is the panel type. There are certain panel types that are better than others. We do recommend getting a LED panel for the CCTV cameras as they are cheaper than the OLED panels, and moreover do not get burnout as is the case with the OLED panels when the screen is stationary.


One of the most critical things here is the connections supported by your TV as well as the CCTV camera. One thing that you need to check here is that the CCTV camera supports the input option on your TV, as if it doesn’t you would have to use dongles and adapters which is not a nice idea.


Screen resolution means the quality of the display that you would get on the TV. The general rule of thumb here is that your TV should have an equal resolution to that of your CCTV camera. So that, there is no problem while watching the CCTV footage.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate means the number of times a screen gets refreshed in a single second. You need to assure the TV that you are getting has a decent refresh rate and has an equal or higher refresh rate as compared to the CCTV camera that you are getting.


You need to make sure the TV that you are getting does not have a reflective screen. Otherwise, you can have a very hard time viewing the screen, and it can be quite embarrassing at times when you cannot clearly see the details on your TV screen.


A good quality TV should offer decent brightness. So, you can view the TV screen without having a hard time in bright rooms. Hence, we emphasize getting a TV that is good for bright rooms.


Last but not least, you need to choose a TV platform that offers a good range of features, and also supports voice assistants which allow you to control the TV through your voice. Thus, paying heed to the TV platform that you are getting is always a nice idea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use the TV as a Monitor for the CCTV Camera?

Yes, you can use the TV as a monitor for the CCTV cameras. The modern-day CCTC cameras do support the HDMI input, which allows you to easily connect the CCTV cameras to the TV without requiring any additional dongle.

What’s the Difference Between CCTV Monitor and a TV?

Despite the fact, the monitor has been designed to show the display, and the TV has been designed for the TV shows, you can use the monitor as well as the TV for displaying the CCTV cameras.

How Do I Watch CCTV Recordings on My TV?

You have to use the Playback feature on your CCTV camera to view the recording on your TV. You can select any given time, and date using that option.


It’s always a wise idea to use a bigger screen for monitoring the CCTV cameras. A TV is not only bigger in size as compared to a computer monitor, but also economical.

In this guide, we have provided you with a complete list of the best TVs for CCTV cameras as well as answered some of the common misconceptions regarding the usage of the TV as a CCTV monitor.

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