Best 55-Inch TV Under 800



Best 55-Inch TV Under 800 USD


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Choosing the right TV under a tight budget can be a quite stressful job. Therefore, we have made everything easier for you.

After testing tens of top-rated TVs available in the market, here, we have compiled a complete list of the best 55-inch TVs under 800 USD.

In this way, you can choose the right TV according to your needs. That being said, let’s jump right into the detail, and check out the matter.

List of the Best 55-inch TVs Under 800

Samsung QLED Q60T Series 4K UHD TV

Samsung QLED Q60T Series 4K UHD TV under 800

The Samsung QLED Q60T Series 4K UHD TV comes with a futuristic design, surprisingly vibrant colors, excellent contrast, and plenty of advanced features that make it a top pick for people seeking a quality 55-inch TV.

Firstly, we would discuss the design of this TV which is just amazing. It has super-slim bezels which allow you to immerse yourself in the content. In this way, you focus more on the content and lesser on the bezels.

Also, the stand on this TV is adjustable, allowing you to adjust the TV according to your convenience, which is truly amazing. Moreover, there is also the wall-mountable kit for easy wall hanging.

The best thing about this TV is its amazing screen which has a QLED panel and is able to provide you with 4K resolution, hence, everything that you see on the screen is full of life.

There are dual LED backlights available on the TV, which offer a great mix of warm and cool light, ultimately providing you with real-life experience.

Moreover, it features Quantum HDR technology that is able to provide you with a cinematic-quality display at home.

Under the hood is the 4K processor, which adjusts the colors, brightness, and contrast on the TV according to the nature of the content.

It comes with the Tizen OS, which provides you with a fluent TV usage experience with plenty of advanced features.

Lastly, it comes with Alexa integration that ensures you can use the TV using your voice without needing the remote.

• Narrow Bezels With Immersive Views
• QLED Panel
• Excellent Brightness
• 4K Processor
• Alexa Integration


SONY X85K 4K LED TV under 800 usd

The SONY X85K 4K LED TV is my second pick for the 55-inch TV under 800 bucks, and it has everything that you can expect from a TV in this price bracket.

The design of this TV is quite impressive as it comes with narrow bezels, and a non-glossy screen. From every single angle out there, the screen had amazing views. Hence, i was able to keep-up with the screen without any any issues.

Likewise, the overall finish on this TV is also worth-admiring as SONY has used top-notch quality material in this TV.

Above all, it comes with an amazing quality screen that provides you with real to life colors, having excellent contrast, sharpness and details.

The K X-Reality PRO processor upscales everything to 4K, hence everything that you witness on the screen has utmost details.

Also, it has the TRILUMINOS Pro technology built into it, this technology reproduces more colors than the conventional technologies.

Moreover, the HDR technology is also on-board on this TV for cinematic grade graphics right on your living room.

Unlike the other TVs, the X85K comes with the 120hz refresh rate for unparalled gaming, and sports performance.

The Motionflow XR technology ensures you can watch your favorite sports on this TV without any lag or delay.

Plus, it comes with exclusive PS5 gameplay features, allowing you to enjoy best out of your console games.

The Google TV integration means you can customize the TV as you please with it. Likewise, you can also download your favorite applications from the Google Play.

• Non-Glossy Screen
• Excellent Upscaling Processor
• No Screen Tearing Issues
• Alexa & Google Voice Assistant
• Exclusive PS5 Features
• Not Compatible With PC Gaming

LG 55-Inch Class QNED80 Series TV

LG 55-Inch Class QNED80 Series TV

Our third pick for the LG 55-Inch Class QNED80 Series TV, which is another amazing 55-inch TV that you can get under 800 USD.

This TV has everything that you expect from a TV in this price bracket, it has an amazing quality LED panel, superior graphics, local dimming, 120hz refresh rate, and much more.

Starting with the design, the design of this TV is quite impressive, it has narrow bezels, and a non-reflective screen. Also, the stand on the TV is quite amazing, which makes it one of the finest looking 55-inch TVs.

Most importantly, it has superior quality screen. There are good panel on the screen are amazing, with the Quantum Dot NanoCell Color Technology, everything that you see on the screen is sharp with excellent contrast and real to life experience.

Also, there is the local dimming technology enabled on the screen, which produces excellent contast on the screen.

Another interesting thing about this TV is that, it comes with the 120hz refresh rate. Moreover, it has the VRR, which has the low-latency mode and tear-free experience.

Plus, it has the Web OS, which is able to provide you with the fluent OS experience, and advanced voice assistants like Google Voice Assistant, and Alexa.

• Futuristic Design
• Advanced AI Processor
• 120hz Refresh Rate
• Local Dimming
• Screen Bleeding Issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Possible to Get a Good Quality 55-Inch TV for Under 800 USD?

Yes, you can get a good quality 55-inch TV for under 800 USD. Above, we have provided you with all the top picks that you can get under this price bracket.

What’s the Best Brand to get a 55-Inch TV?

LG, Samsung, and SONY are the three of the most popular 55-inch TV brands available in the market that offer supperior all round performance.

What is the Best 55-Inch TV For 800 USD?

The Samsung QLED Q60T Series 4K UHD TV comes with an amazing design, excellent contrast, brightness, and other value-added features that make it the best 55-inch TV under 800 USD.


Here, after deep research, and testing, we have compiled a complete list of the best 55-inch TV under 800 USD available in the market.

The Samsung QLED Q60T Series 4K UHD TV comes with superb design, amazing quality LED panel, and top-notch performance, which makes it the finest pick in this price bracket.

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