Best 55-inch TV Under 2000



Best 55-inch TV Under 2000


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In case you are seeking the best 55-inch TV Under 2000 USD, you have landed on the right blog post.

After testing a handful of TVs, we have compiled a complete list of the best 55-inch TVs that you can get under the budget of 2000 USD.

That being said, let’s jump right into the matter, and check out the details.

List of the Best 55-inch TVs Under 2000 USD

TVPanelResolutionRefresh RateOS
LG 55-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition G2 Series TVEvo OLED4K120hzLG Web OS
SAMSUNG S95B 55 inch 4K Quantum HDR OLED Smart TVOLED + QD4K120hzTizen OS
Sony OLED 55 inch BRAVIA XR A80K Series 4K TVOLED4K120hzGoogle TV

LG 55-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition G2 Series TV

LG 55-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition G2 Series TV under 2000

The best 55-inch TV that you can get under 2000 USD in 2023 is the LG 55-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition G2 Series TV that comes with an outstanding design, Evo OLED panel, superior color configuration, and a bunch of value-added features.

Starting with the design, this TV comes with a phenomenal design, it has slim bezels, which allows you to immerse yourself in the content. The bezels on this TV screen are so slim that oftentimes you forget if they are there.

More interestingly, it comes with a no-gap wall mount that ensures there is no gap between the TV, and the wall, making it look like a piece of art (which it is).

Since it is the Gallery Edition TV, there is no stand option available in the TV, and you can use the wall-mount option only for hanging the TV on the wall.

Just like the overall design, the performance of this OLED TV is also phenomenal, it offers the brightest OLED display, sharp colors, and superior contrast.

Unlike the other OLED TVs (both from LG, and other brands), this one offers superior exceptional brightness, which allows you to watch this TV in naturally lit rooms without having any reflections on the screen, allowing you to immerse in the content.

It produces 850+ nits of brightness in the HDR mode, which is truly impressive.

Apart from the brightness, the contrast is also striking on this TV offering deep blacks and pure whites on the screen.

The a9 GEN5 AI PROCESSOR 4K on this TV provides you with perfect colors, contrast, and brightness according to the nature of the content.

Apart from the display, the sound on this TV is also impressive, it comes with 4-down firing speakers that can produce 60W of powerful sound. So, if you are not an audiophile, you do not need to get a soundbar or home audio setup, the native TV speakers would suffice for day-to-day activities.

Gaming is also super-pleasurable on this TV, there are a wide set of gaming features available on this TV including a 120hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, ultra-low latency, NVIDIA FreeSync, and AMD FreeSync.

That means this TV has got everything that you need for dominating the game field.

The connectivity on this TV is also decent, as it comes with four HDMI 2.1 ports that support ARC.

In order to offer you complete peace of mind, LG offers you a 5-years warranty on the panel, which is fantastic.

• Fabulous No-Gap Design
• Ever Bright evo OLED Panel
• Exceptional Color Contrast
• Sharp Colors
• Perfect Set of Gaming Features
• 5 Year Panel Warranty
• You Have to Buy Stand Separately

SAMSUNG S95B 55 inch 4K Quantum HDR OLED Smart TV

SAMSUNG S95B 55 inch 4K Quantum HDR OLED Smart TV under 2000 usd

The best alternative to the LG G2 Gallery Edition TV that you can get is the SAMSUNG S95B 55-inch 4K Quantum HDR OLED Smart TV, which comes with slim bezels, superior quality OLED panel, and a wide range of other features that earn this TV a spot on our list.

SAMSUNG S95B is the flagship TV by Samsung, and thus you can expect top-notch colors on the screen with exceptional contrast, brightness, and color gamut.

The design of the S95B is flawless. It has super-thin bezels and a very thin profile which provides this TV with amazing looks.

Not only the mounting system on this TV is amazing, but also, it comes with a fantastic table stand. This stan is very low profile which means it takes very low space on the table, and also, it has an excellent cable management system, so, there is no clutter of cables either.

The panel on this TV is superb. It has an OLED panel with Quantum Dot Technology, which means, this TV utilizes both the OLED and Quantum Dot technologies to provide you with sharp colors with excellent brightness and contrast.

That means, on this TV, you have the best of both worlds offering you perfect color configuration, and a super lit room.

Everything that you watch on this TV screen is powered by the Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling, thus, everything would be crisp, sharp, and according to the context.

The Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ feature on the TV allows you to enjoy 4K content on the screen at @120hz. VRR is also standard on the TV which locks the refresh rate on the TV with the gaming console. Hence, you can expect fluent motion on the screen without any lag or delay issues.

Another cool thing about this monitor is that it comes with the eye-comfort mode for keeping your eyes stress-free, this feature comes super handy when you are planning to watch TV for an extended period.

Sound on this TV is also worthwhile, as the TV can produce upto 60watts of sound, and this TV comes with Object Tracking Sound, offering you superior sound performance.

There are decent connectivity options available on the TV including HDMI 2.1 ports, USB ports, etc. In this way, you can connect your devices directly to the TV without needing any adapters.

• Stunning Design
• OLED + QD Panel
• AI-Powered 4K Processor
• Well-Calibrated Colors
• Object Tracking Sound
• Decent Connectivity Options
• Tizen OS is Clunky

SONY OLED 55-inch BRAVIA XR A80K Series TV

SONY OLED 55-inch BRAVIA XR A80K Series TV under 2000

Third on our list is the Sony OLED 55-inch BRAVIA XR A80K Series 4K TV which comes with a trendy design, superior color configuration, superb OLED panel, and the latest set of technologies.

The first thing that you would notice about this TV is the design, it comes with a borderless design, and the bezels on the TV are so slim that you even forget that even if they are there.

Also, the profile of the TV is super-slim, which not only makes the TV aesthetically pleasing but also allows you to fit the TV in congested places.

Likewise, the screen on the TV is non-reflective, and has wide viewing angles, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content anywhere in the room.

Coming to the display, it comes with SONY’s flagship OLED panel that provides you with exceptional contrast with deep blacks, and whites. The brightness and the overall color configuration on the TV are also worth admiring.

Moreover, it has the AI-powered Cognitive Processor XR, which automatically optimizes the sharpness, contrast, and color on the TV screen as per the nature of the content, providing you with a more real-to-life experience.

SONY has tuned this TV for proper gaming, as it comes with a 120hz refresh rate, VRR, and ALLM features, providing you with a stable picture.

My favorite thing about this SONY TV is that it comes with the Google TV OS, providing you with plenty of customization options. Also, there are plenty of apps available on the Play Store, which allow you to enhance the functionality of the TV.

• Borderless Design
• True to Life Colors
• Excellent Contrast
• Tuned for PS5
• Google TV Integration
• Buggy OS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 2000 USD a Good Budget for an OLED TV?

If you are planning to get a TV, 2000 USD is an exceptional budget. You can get a quality TV under this budget, and the best 55-inch OLED TV can be bought within 2000 USD.

Should I Get a 55-inch TV or a 65-Inch TV?

Getting a 55-inch or a 65-inch TV depends totally upon your budget, and the dimensions of your room. In case budget is not an issue, the 65-inch TV is a great fit for large bedrooms and living rooms, and on the other hand, the 55-inch TV is a good option for medium to small-sized rooms.

SONY Vs LG, which Brand is Better for OLED TV?

There is no very minimum to no difference in the performance of 2023’s OLED TVs from both LG, and SONY. The end choice of most users depends upon the TV’s OS, and other value-added features as the performance are almost the same.


You can be spoiled by the availability of choices if you have a budget of 2000 USD for a 55-inch TV.

In this blog post, after testing tens of different TVs, we have compiled a list of the 3 best TVs that you can get for under 2000 USD in 2023.

The LG 55-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition G2 Series TV comes with evo OLED screen, a non-gap design, every bright panel, and amazingly sharp colors, which makes it our top pick for a 55-inch TV under 2000. If you have got the money, look no further.

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