Are Curved TVs Good for Gaming




Are Curved TVs Good for Gaming


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There has been a never ending debate about the flat screens and the curved screens in different online communities.

And, recently, a lot of gamers are shifting towards curved screen displays.

Thus, people want to know “Are these curved screen TVs any good for gaming?”, or it’s just a marketing gimmick.

To give you a proper verdict, we have compiled this complete guide, in which we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of curved screen monitors for gaming.

Enough talking, let’s get straight to the matter.

Curved TVs for Gaming

There have been numerous talks recently, whether we should get a curved screen for gaming or not. And, different people come up with different logics to support their claims.

Therefore, we have compiled the pros and cons of using a curved TV for gaming.


Immersive Experience

Mostly gamers get curved gaming monitors to get the immersive view of the screen. Curved screen monitors close up the screen from the corners to offer you full immersion.

In this way, you can have a better view of the screen, that looks very realistic, as compared to the flat screen.

Also keep in mind that in order to get a higher level of immersion, you will have to get a TV that has 65-inches or more size.

Clear Look

No matter whether you are playing shooting games, or car racing games, if you have a curved screen, the peripheral distance is closer, which provides you a clear view of the screen. Therefore, it ultimately improves your gaming experience.

Competitive Edge for FPS Games

FPS Games screen

If you specifically play FPS games on your TV, then there are added benefits of getting a curved screen. Curved screen allows you to have an immersive look at the screen, which puts you in a competitive edge over your competition.

It’s the reason, you will see most of the professional gamers use the curved screen monitors for battle royale games, such as PUBG, and Fortnite.

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The curved screen TVs are always priced higher than the flat TVs with the exact same specification, as the curved screen panels are higher in price.

Therefore, you will have to spend extra bucks in order to get the curved screen TV.

No Spectation/ Low Viewing Angles

Another disadvantage of getting the curved screen TV for gaming is that the curved screen TVs have very low viewing angle.

Since it has ultra low viewing angles, there are no chances of speciation with your friends. Also, when you use the TV for watching video content, you have to sit right in front of the TV for a proper view, which is not practical when you have a full family gathering.

Curved Screen Vs Flat Screen TVs for Gaming

Well, you can use both curved screens as well as flat screen TVs for gaming.

The difference is that you will have immersion with the curved screen TV, and the price is higher on the curved screen.

On the other hand, flat TVs offer wide angle viewing with a much lower price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Curved TVs Good for Gaming?

Yes, curved TVs are perfect for gaming as they offer an immersive experience. Also, they provide you a competitive edge over your competitors incase of FPS games.

Flat TVs Vs Curved TVs for Gaming?

The flat TVs as well as the curved TVs, both are good for gaming, and it is totally subjective, whichever you choose as your gaming display device.

Are Curved TVs Worth the Money?

Yes, the curved TVs are perfect bang for your bucks if you are going to use them for FPS games. On the other hand, there is very minimal difference if you are willing to use the curved display for normal games.


In this detailed guide, we have put together the pros, and cons of using a curved screen TV for gaming. We have also put together flat screens and curved TVs against each other.

So, you can get the answer, whether curved TVs are good for gaming or not.

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