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AOC Monitor No Signal


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There are a variety of different reasons that can cause the no signal issue on the AOC monitors, and without a proper guide, it can be pretty confusing to troubleshoot this issue.

Thus, we have compiled this complete step-by-step guide in which we have provided detailed steps for resolving the no signal issue on the AOC monitor.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s check out the step-by-step guide.

Fixing AOC Monitor No Signal Issue

The no signal issue on the AOC monitor indicates that there is some sort of problem in the connection between the monitor, and the PC.

There isn’t a single factor involved which can cause this issue as there are plenty of different things involved. Thus, below we have compiled everything that you need to follow in order to get the no-signal issue on the AOC monitor fixed.

Step.1: Checking the Connection

Most commonly, the no signal issue on the monitor is caused due to a loose connection, and the good news here is that you can easily fix the loose connection on your AOC monitor and revive the connection between your monitor, and the PC.

You need to check out the HDMI cable on devices. Firstly, check out the cable on the monitor whether is properly inserted or not and then you also need to check out the cable on the PC.

In case, the connection on the monitor and the PC were loose, and you resolved it, the issue would be resolved.

On the other hand, if the connection between the monitor, and the PC were already secure, you need to move on to the next step.

Step.2: Checking the Cables

Just like the loose connection, another common issue on the monitor causing the lack of signals is the damaged display cable.

You need to thoroughly check out the cable for any sign of damage. If there are any visible signs of damage on the cable, you need to immediately replace the HDMI cable with a newer one.

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Step.3: Check the Monitors Input Source

Apart from the cables, and connections, there can be problems with the source settings of the monitor which can cause display issues on the monitor.

In simpler words, if you are using an HDMI connection between your PC, and the Input source on the monitor is selected to the Displayport, there won’t be any display on your monitor, and it would show a display error instead.

In order to resolve such an issue, you need to utilize the on-screen controls on the monitor and select the right input type.

If you already have the right input type on your monitor, then you need to move on to the next step.

Step.4: Reset the AOC Monitor

Resetting the monitor can resolve plenty of issues, and the no signal issue is one of them. By resetting the monitor to the factory settings, you can have the issue fixed if it is caused by the software side.

Here are the Steps for Resetting the AOC Monitor:

  • Turn on the monitor, and plug the cable from the power socket.
  • Afterward, press and hold the “Menu” button, and reinsert the cable into the power socket.
  • Press the “Exit” button to get the procedure done.

Step.4: Cross-Check the GPU

A problematic GPU can also cause no display issue. So, in order to rule out the problematic GPU issue, you need to pull out the HDMI cable (or any other cable that you are using) from the GPU, and plug it directly into the CPU’s motherboard.

If this step resolves the issue for you, then it means that the GPU is malfunctioning, and you easily fix this issue by replacing the GPU then.

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Step.5: Using Another Monitor

If none of the above-provided methods is working for you, then it indicates that the monitor has some sort of issue.

Replacing the monitor with another monitor is the best practice that you can do to get the issue fixed.

If replacing the monitor with another monitor still does not resolve the problem for you, then surely there is some sort of problem with the CPU, and you need to troubleshoot the issue on your CPU rather than the monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can We Fix AOC Monitor No Signal Problem?

Yes, you can fix the AOC monitor with no signal issue. Above, we have compiled a complete guide for fixing the AOC monitor no signal problem.

What’s the Most Common Reason for No Signal Problem on AOC Monitor?

The most common reason for the no signal issue on the AOC monitor is the cable. Either the cable on the monitor is loose, or damaged which causes this issue.

Can Resetting the AOC Monitor Resolve the No Signal Issue?

Yes, resetting the AOC monitor can resolve the no-signal issue on your monitor. Above, we have provided you with detailed steps for resolving the no-signal issue on the AOC monitor.


The AOC monitor has no signal issue means that there is some sort of problem with the connection between the monitor, and the PC.

The cause and troubleshooting of this issue involve different steps. Above, we have compiled a comprehensive guide that you can follow to fix the issue in which there is no display issue on the AOC monitor.

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